How to Troubleshoot Contact Form 7 Configuration Error

Process of Elimination for Contact Form 7 Configuration Error

I use the Contact Form 7 plugin on almost all of the WordPress sites I create. Recently, I was creating a very long form, saving frequently, and then noticed there was a configuration error: “Multiple form controls are in a single label element. ”

I looked through the code and nothing jumped out at me that could have been wrong.

So I thought, how am I going to find the error? There were almost 50 input fields!

Answer: Process of elimination

I opened up Notepad, copied the entire form, and pasted it into Notepad.

Next I went back to the form, and deleted all but the top several fields. Saved it. No error.

This told me that the error was somewhere in the remaining part of the form.

I copied the next few fields from Notepad and pasted it at the bottom of the form.

Saved again. The error showed up! So now I knew the error was in the fields I had just pasted.

So, I used this process to isolate the part of the form with the error. It saved a lot of time that I would have spent going over the code repeatedly, looking for some problem.

I hope this tip will save you time. It can be applied in situations other than just html forms, too.

Turned out the error was a misplacement of the closing ‘label’ tag.

Comcast Discontinuing Personal Web Pages

I recently read on one of the Expression Web groups that I belong to that Comcast is discontinuing their Personal Web Page service (PWP):

“Effective October 8, 2015, the Personal Web Page service (PWP) will no longer be available. Comcast will be switching to a new service provider in an effort to enhance our network and provide customers with the best Internet experience possible. Please retrieve all content currently saved on your site before October 8, 2015, to avoid permanently losing your files and information. The ability to activate this feature has been disabled for new customers and customers who have not already activated their Personal Web Page.”  (article)

The Comcast Personal Web Page service offered a Web site Builder, File Manager, Event Planner, and more. For users it provided a place to store important documents, backup photos and music.

Contact Sunny Day Sites for assistance moving your Comcast Web Site to another provider.

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Website Content – Converting Case

caseHere’s a great tip I use often when adding content to a website for a client. Sometimes the content I’m given is in all CAPS. Rather than re-type it to change the case to lower, I use online tools such as All you do is paste the text that you want to change, then choose conversion options such as Sentence case, lower case, Capitalized Case, etc. Next, copy the converted text and paste it into the website page.

Website Designers Should Document Code

Tip: Make sure the website designer’s contract/agreement for website design or maintenance services includes wording requiring the designer to document their work, especially for any customizations that are done. Designers should add comments to their code (Ex: PHP code, HTML code, CSS). This makes it easier for other designers and programmers who might also be looking at or working with the code. Website designers should document code because it will come in handy some time later when the designer works on the code again. Just a short phrase or reason describing why the edit was made can be very helpful and can save time.
I learned about documenting code in college while pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree and it is something I’ve always used.
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